Our Approach

At Corwin Home Inspections we start every inspection by getting to know you, our client.  That allows us to provide you with the knowledge, details, and reporting that will capture the condition of your home being inspected.

We have the unique tools and instruments to check for small gas leaks before they become big ones, detect moisture in wall materials, floors, and framing that is not visible to the eye, see insulation gaps inside walls, check the electrical wiring for proper size, polarity, grounding, breaker/fuse sizing, ground fault circuit interruption and arc fault circuit interruption. And much much more.  All this explained to you during the inspection to the level of detail you are comfortable with and documented so the appropriate contractors get a head start when repairs are needed.

Our Story

Our lead inspector, Greg, started conducting home inspections in the late 1980’s.  He is a Technologist by training and experience.  His career spans Information Management including senior leadership positions, home remodeling (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, water filtration, and hvac), plumbing parts design & manufacturing, along with home theater design and installation.  Greg’s passion is home remodeling and construction.  Being a Home Inspector is a natural fit for Greg.  His passion and dedication to each inspection is validated by the results.