Residential Home Inspection

Have your new home inspected following the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice (SOP).  An industry leading guideline of inspection techniques and practices that meets and exceeds the State of Illinois licensing requirements.  This approach to inspections ensures your inspection is detailed and complete.  For Corwin Home Inspections (CHI) that is not enough.  We go that extra mile to ensure you have the information you need for short term decisions and longer term maintenance and ownership.  We strongly encourage the client to walk along with our inspectors so you can ask questions and the inspector can share observations.  Our reports are easy to read, organized and summarized, full of pictures, illustrations, and even thermal imagery.  Our reports become your handbook during your home ownership.


Maintenance Home Inspections

For the homeowner that has been in their home for some years and wants to know the basic health of their home.  We follow the same practices as a standard home inspection while focusing on the safety and maintenance items you want to know about.  We encourage you to walk along with our inspector so you can ask questions that are on your mind.  You will receive a detailed report that becomes your maintenance list for future projects.

Concerned about your homes insulation, the thermal envelope, then pick the insulation evaluation thermal imagery option when you book your inspection.  Note, this service requires at least a 15 degree difference between inside and outside temperatures.  The greater the difference the more detailed the results.

Commercial Inspection

Do you own a small business.  Call us and we can discuss a small business commercial inspection.  We provide commercial inspections for one and two story buildings generally less than 100,000 square feet.


Knowledge is Key

Our inspectors are not only trained to the highest standards and state licensed, they also have many years of experience in home construction, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, heating, carpentry, and other areas of home design, construction, and maintenance.  They have the knowledge, through hands on experience, to provide you with a complete and detailed inspection.

We take the time to be complete.  Some competitor inspections are done in 90 minutes and the report is in your hands.  We don’t work that way.  We treat each home as a unique building that deserves time and respect during the inspection.  Plan on 3-6 hours depending on the size of your home.  You are making a big investment, you deserve an inspector that will take the time and use the instrumentation that will provide real value in the short term and long term.

Give us a call 630.364.1644.  We look forward to discussing your specific needs and providing you with a custom report that will become one of your valued assets in home ownership.


Next Steps…

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